Delegates Call for Heightened Commitment to Official Development Assistance, as Second Committee Debates Groups of Countries in Special Situations

| October 18, 2017

Speakers stressed the need to increase official development assistance (ODA), build infrastructure, widen export bases and stimulate trade in least developed and landlocked developing countries, as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up groups of countries today.

Bangladesh’s delegate, …

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General Assembly, by Secret Ballot, Elects 15 Member States to Serve Three-Year Terms on Human Rights Council

| October 16, 2017

The General Assembly today elected, by secret ballot, 15 States to serve on the Human Rights Council, the United Nations body responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.

Those elected were Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Chile, …

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Speakers Critical of Criteria for Graduation to Middle-Income Status, as Second Committee Takes Up Globalization, Interdependence

| October 14, 2017

Middle-income countries had initially reaped globalization’s benefits, but were now suffering from the so-called “megatrends” of labour market shifts, rapid technological advances and climate change, speakers said today as the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) took up globalization and interdependence.…

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UN Gender Focus: parental leave in Norway, space for women, women's economic empowerment in Ghana

| October 12, 2017

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Director General of Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Kristin Skogen Lund, speaks at UN headquarters in New York. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Parental leave is smart for the economy and helps change minds

Unequal pay and …

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Entrepreneur Urges Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Benefit of All in Second Committee, Economic and Social Council Joint Meeting

| October 12, 2017

Delegates Debate Eradication of Poverty, Development Issues in Afternoon Meeting

New technology would be central to achieving development goals, with artificial intelligence (AI) leveraged to process data on health, commerce, communications and transportation, entrepreneur Stephen Ibaraki told a joint session …

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