Zambezi Regional Second Division Football League generates nine games

OPUWO: The Zambezi Regional Second Division Football League, got off to an impressive start on Saturday, generating nine games for the 2034/2024 season, with Oryza Sativa FC in the lead.

The league was supposed to start at the end of last year but was delayed due to a variety of obstacles, including late player registration, recruitment, team payment, and match officials’ employment.

According to league chairperson Ngwana Vuyalo, on Monday, the league kicked off on Saturday and Sunday, after all clubs had received their payments from the league authority and all officials had been appointed.

‘Last year we encountered difficulty with player registration. As we all know, the majority of the clubs lost their players to other teams, and some were students who had to return to universities, so we decided to postpone the start of the league to allow teams to finish recruiting and player registrations,’ he stated.

On Saturday, Oryza Sativa FC defeated Power Dynamos FC 5-0, Rocano Kings Rangers FC defeated Fahara
FC 3-0, and Black Buffaloes FC and Blue Chiefs FC drew by two goals apiece. Buch Bucks FC beat Green Eagles FC 1-0, while Namib Chiefs crushed their host King Fisher FC 3-0.

Round two of the fixture on Sunday, saw Green Eagles FC drawing 0-0 with Oryza Sativa FC, while Sahara FC and Shooting Stars FC both scored once in a one-all draw.

Rocano Kings Rangers FC drew 0-0 with Power Dynamos FC, while Black Buffaloes and Space Age FC both scored one to earn another point.

After two matches, Oryza Sativa FC leads the league standings with four points, which it shares with Rocano King Rangers FC in second place. Namib Chiefs and Bush Bucks FC are third and fourth with three points, respectively. Black Buffaloes FC ranks fifth. Blue Chiefs FC, Shooting Stars FC, Space FC, Green Eagles FC, and Sahara FC all have one point apiece and are ranked sixth to tenth.

Power Dynamos FC and King Fisher FC are in the relegation zone.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency