Absence of Ipelegeng Employees Irks Tshireletso

| May 22, 2015

Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ms Botlogile Tshireletso, has express displeasure at the noticeable absence of Ipelegeng employees at a kgotla meeting she addressed in Kanye on May 20.

Ms Tshireletso, whose meeting was to solicit members of the public views on proposed Matimela bill, said the no show of Ipelegeng workers at the meeting was uncalled for and should never happen again in future.

She said the tendency by authorities to leave out Ipelegeng and Village Development Committee members in pertinent issues that dealt with their welfare should never be entertained.

“This is so especially that we rarely get to meet up with them and hear from them and should therefore take them aboard with every opportunity that presents itself,” she said.

However Southern District Council secretary, Mr Mompati Seleka, said a directive instructing Village Development Committee leadership to release Ipelegeng workers had long been issued.

“A written directive that instructs the release of such employees to attend meetings without losing their daily remunerations rates has been issued to all Village Development Committees,” he said assuring Ms Tshireletso that his office will fix the anomaly.

Earlier on when commenting many agreed that the number of months to hold Matimela by the council be reduced from six months to three. However, speakers expressed divergent views on who between the council and the Ministry of Agriculture should be given responsibility over Matimela.

Commenting, former Kanye North MP, Mr Kentse Rammidi said he was not happy that ever since its inception following October elections, Southern District top brass is yet to address a single kgotla meeting to introduce themselves and sell their development agenda to the general public.

On Matimela, Mr Rammidi wondered why the same technology used for cattle identification could not be used to trace names of owners of stray animals.

He also said it was logical to leave the responsibility of Matimela cattle with council and not any other because council also benefit from proceeds from such stray animals.

Another resident, Mr Lewatle Kgosieareng said the Ministry of Agriculture should bear the responsibility of stray animals and that any collection of Matimela should be made as transparent as possible so that people could have the opportunity to collect their animals even before they are taken to Matimela kraals.

Mr Maswabi Radikokwana expressed happiness at the proposed bill saying it is long overdue. He said reduction of the length of time Matimela stays at council kraals awaiting identification by owners or auctioning is indeed welcome.

He said in Gasita kraal where such animals are kept, they have caused degradation to the vegetation and some of such problem animals have become a nuisance to farmers in the area.

Reduction of the length of stay of animals at kraals he said will be a blessing to farmers where such animals are kept. Mafhikana ward VDC Chairman, Mr Kagiso Moleti decried roaming animals in Kanye which he said has turned the village into a Matimela kraal.

He called on authorities to do something about the development.

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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