Applications Overwhelm Marapong Sub-Land Board

| April 16, 2015

Marapong Sub-land board is experiencing an influx of land applications after the Ministry of Lands and Housing’s recent directive for land boards to create waiting lists for residential plots.

In an interview recently, the land registration officer, Ms Bapati Dijeng said although they did not have readily available plots to be allocated, they would create waiting lists.

She noted that although they had 17 villages under their jurisdiction, what transpired was that thousands of applications had since been received from the beginning of April and were mainly for Chadibe.

She noted that although they did not have a closing date for receiving applications, in the case of Chadibe, they would have to come to a decision to close before other areas given the situation at hand.

Furthermore, Ms Dijeng pointed out that after creating a waiting list, it would be then that they would start screening the applications so that priority would be given to those who did not have plots at all.

She said they had since realised that the majority of applicants already had residential plots at some areas and as per the resolution of Ngwato Land Board, a person could only have at most, two plots in all the places under their jurisdiction.

To screen the applications, she explained that they were going to circulate all the names of applicants to all land boards under Ngwato so that they could get records of who has or did not have plots at all, adding that it would be after such a process that they would publicise the names of all those who made it in the waiting list.

In their efforts to give the locals priority, she stated that they had taken the application forms to all the villages they serve so that the locals could fill in their information and either drop them directly at their offices or at the kgotla where they would come and collect them on their behalf.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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