Art Extravanganza at Thapong


Art enthusiasts are set to enjoy a two-week art extravaganza which started on March 20 at Thapong Visual Arts Centre courtesy of two art teachers from Tlogatloga Junior Secondary School and Gabane Junior Secondary School.

The art exhibition features, George Bagwasi, from Tlogatloga and Onkabetse Kealeboga from Gabane. Speaking in an interview during the official launch of the exhibition, Bagwasi said the exhibition features his work which was realism and abstract which was done by Kealeboga.

“The main objective of the exhibition is to educate and encourage people to appreciate art even more in Botswana. Art appreciation among locals is very slow as compared to people who come from outside the country,” he said. Mr Bagwasi said that art appreciation in Botswana needs to be grown so that people could see the importance of art.

“This will also help our students in appreciating what we teach them in schools because we are with them for a short time and they can now have the chance to see our work and grasp what we have been teaching them,” said Mr Bagwasi.

He expressed hope that Form 3 art students from schools all over Gaborone and neighboring villages would take time out to visit Thapong to see what art requires.

For his part, coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Mr Reginald Bakwena said they agreed to give the two school teachers space to exhibit because it would benefit art students in the long run.

“The interaction will do them good as they will get the chance to see and talk about what they see and what they have learned in class,” he said.

Mr Bakwena further said they encourage artists to exhibit at Thapong as this would grow the art industry in Botswana.

The exhibition will run for two weeks at Thapong Visual Arts Centre.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News