Artists Join Rhino Protection Efforts

| June 17, 2015

Some artists in collaboration with Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Trust have donated a fibre-glass sculpture of a white rhino to Francistown.

Speaking during the unveiling of the Rhino sculpture displayed at Francistown Civic Centre on June 15, retired Maj. Gen. Bakwena Oitsile explained that local artists had been given an opportunity to do life size rhino sculptures that will be placed at popular places around the country.

Maj. Gen. Oitsile said the life-size sculptures are expected to pop out in key locations across the country as a symbol of the greater message from the trust for the need of the rhino conservation.

He said BIHL Trust came up with the idea after they realised that many people were not able to see the real rhino because of not being able to go to the zoos or to the wilderness to see them.

In addition, he said they have realised that some people can actually appreciate the sculptures that look like the real rhinos and with the same size. Maj Gen Oitsile said with this project, they aim to shed greater light on the threats to the beautiful creature whilst at the same time working as a collective to protect it.

He stated in addition to the project, they have adopted eight schools that are in lower grades countrywide, adding that they have also developed a programme called Professor Thomas Tlou Scholarship, which is aimed at sponsoring people to do their degree and Masters’ degree programmes.

For his part, the chairperson of Thapong Visual Arts, Reginald Bakwena mentioned that local artists have already made a total of three fibre-glass sculptures, which BIHL Trust hopes will help spark greater debate and action in the fight for rhino protection.

He said these were developed by artist, Moemedi Piet at Thapong Visual Arts in Gaborone and they have already made their way to their new homes to be displayed in Maun, Civic Centre gardens in Francistown, Selibe-Phikwe and Lobatse. Maj. Gen Bakwena said this has also helped them in contributing towards the growth and development of local artists, something which they are truly passionate about.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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