”Avoid Xenophobic Attacks Hit Areas”

| April 19, 2015

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi has cautioned citizens of Botswana currently residing in South Africa to avoid falling victims of the xenophobic attacks.

Speaking in an interview in Gaborone on Friday, April 17 Dr Venson-Moitoi said her ministry was concerned by the safety of Batswana, especially those studying in South African institutions.

Thus, she aised students to desist from making unnecessary trips or movements into areas hit by the xenophobic attacks.

Dr Venson-Moitoi said by Friday, April 17 students were still safe, with no news of any Motswana hurt in the attacks.

“We are pleading with parents whose children are studying in South Africa to help us talk to students to avoid moving around so that they don’t get into trouble.

The situation is not safe and we are asking them to take precautions,” the minister said.

She explained that her ministry had instructed the Botswana High Commission in South Africa to keep a close eye on the safety of students, and offer them prompt assistance whenever the situation required.

She also aised Batswana to reduce travels to South Africa until the xenophobic attacks situation improved.

She said the South African government had assured that it was controlling the situation.

“The President of South Africa has already addressed Parliament about the issue, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs has briefed foreign Diplomats about the issue.

More police officers have been deployed to control the attacks and we believe that the situation will improve,” the minister said.

Further, she said government would continue monitoring the situation and ensure that Batswana in South Africa remained safe.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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