Batswana Can Join UDC Directly

| May 13, 2015

Leader of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Mr Duma Boko, has pronounced that those keen to join the party can do so directly without going through its affiliate parties as it has been the norm.

To prospective UDC supporters, this provision would bridge divisions between political parties affiliated to the mother movement and promote unity and partisan neutrality.

Speaking at a political rally on Saturday to welcome former MP for Lentsweletau Maj. Gen. Moeng Pheto and other new members, Mr Boko urged old UDC members to embrace and make them feel at home, insisting that the issue was not party colours but unity.

UDC deputy leader, Mr Ndaba Gaolatlhe hailed Maj. Gen. Pheto as a capable, humble and patriotic individual, while MP for Mochudi West, Mr Gilbert Mangole hailed his illustrious career that spans from the military service to politics.

He further said that as a party they would benefit from his experience, and that the new members joined the party at the right time.

He urged them to consider themselves as a government in waiting and not the opposition.

MP for Francistown South Mr. Wynter Mmolotsi applauded the public for their loyalty and support for the eminent change that is about to take place in the political landscape of this country.

He said the current government had a leadership vacuum, therefore, it is imperative that the UDC members embraced anyone who wants to join their party as they need numbers to topple the ruling party at the next general elections.

He also said there was no doubt that Maj. Gen. Pheto would give them an insight and aice due to his experience in politics.

Maj. Gen. Pheto aised Batswana to support opposition unity citing that it was the whole reason why they had joined the movement.

He also urged other opposition parties to work in unity to gain the popular vote.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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