BCL Donates to Lepokole

| May 18, 2015

BCL divisional manager, Mr Harold van Zyl, says government has introduced reception classes at primary schools in remote areas and other places where there are no pre-schools in an effort to give children rudimentary reading and writing skills.

Speaking during an occasion to hand over 20 tables and 45 chairs worth P26 000 to Lepokole Primary School recently, he said by investing in the school, BCL was part of history of the school.

Mr van Zyl said the school was used as one of the pilot for the reception class programme of children between four and five years to accord them education at an early age. He said they realised that the programme was not fulfilling its objectives as the primary school was under-resourced.

The school was faced with many challenges that included lack of teaching equipment and aides and these challenges rendered the government initiative ineffective.

In 2014, he said the school approached BCL requesting for donations to purchase gowns for the graduation for the said children but the mine carried out an investigation on suspicion that there could be more pressing needs than the graduation gowns that could benefit the school even in the longer term.

Mr van Zyl said the investigation showed that the school was faced with challenges of inadequate teaching materials which result in low quality education that often imparts little or no real learning.

“At the time of investigation the school had 45 students for reception class, 50 chairs and no tables and only three pre-primary text books,” he revealed.

It was against this background that BCL decided to assist the reception classroom with furniture for the reception class and believes that the donation will go a long way in providing a conducive learning environment that will benefit the school in the longer term.

The manager showered the school head Ms Monica Makuni and her team for their persistence to impart knowledge to children even under trying times of limited resources explaining that children were the futures of tomorrow.

He said the national aspiration for an educated and informed nation remains key and priority that needed a combined strength in pursuit of national development.

Mr van Zyl explained that education was one of the key focus areas of BCL’s corporate and social investment programme that intends to contribute towards the economic growth of the nation and ensure a better standard of living.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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