BDP Women Resolve to Support One Another

| April 15, 2015

The 15th Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) National Women’s Wing congress held in Lobatse over the weekend ended with18 resolutions.

As a priority, the women called for their increased participation in positions of leadership, decision-making and political offices so they could compete well with their male counterparts from primary to national elections.

BDP women resolved to be united and support each other in aancing common agenda.

They also agreed that the just ended congress should take aantage of the revised National Policy on Gender, which aanced issues of Women Development and Empowerment that replaces the now outdated 1996 version.

They said the implementation of such a statutory instrument could greatly aance women’s agenda as well as market the BDP. They called for a country-wide presence of the women’s wing so that every constituency is represented, including those that are further away from Gaborone.

The BDP women also aised the newly elected committee to be visible, hardworking, train and develop capable women leaders who are balanced and able to fit in demanding positions of leadership in all sectors of the economy and politics.

They also resolved that BDP Women’s Wing should identify and recognize exemplary women leaders who could be mentors and trainers to develop emergent women leaders

Seminars, workshops, and benchmarking tours, they said should be used for women empowerment also there is the need for developing linkages with the Gender Affairs Department and the Poverty Eradication Programme for the benefit of all.

They also called for a g fundraising sub-committee to create a financial base for supporting the implementation of the objectives of the wing.

Outgoing women’s wing chairperson, Ms Caroline Lesang, said in an interview after the congress that the congress was a success and hailed the resolutions that the congress agreed on, saying it showed that women were hungry for change in the political leadership structures.

Ms Lesang also hailed the women for coming up with such g and highly motivated resolutions that will see the BDP’s women’s wing growing in leaps and bounds in all spheres.

She did not defend her chairpersonship position as a way to prepare herself for the party national congress to be held in Mmadinare in July, where she intends to contest for the party’s national executive committee ordinary membership.

She congratulated Ms Dorcas Makgato for winning the chairperson position, adding that she was ready for a smooth handover and was willing to cooperatively work with her for the success of the women’s wing.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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