Beauticians Thrive By Wayside

| May 18, 2015

With the country’s rate of unemployment not abating, some young people have gone out of their way to make ends meet rather than wait for government to give them handouts for survival.

Ms Botho Masilo and Ms Kesegofetse Leteemane have taken the brave decision of becoming entrepreneurs in the unpromising streets of Francistown despite the meager resources at their disposal.

For them, the usual business of selling vegetables, sweets or airtime in the streets was not an option as they defied the odds through a small scale beauty businesses just off the Blue Jacket street near Ntshe House.

It is uncommon for this type of business to be conducted in an open space as it is associated with beauty parlours and hair saloons where clients are treated as queens while being offered comfort before their nails could be manicured.

Though the duo’s business craze is uncommon, it has become a hit with Francistowners who come in throngs to be given quality service at affordable prices hence the beauticians have indeed created employment for themselves, and it appears they will never look back.

They explained in an interview recently that they received training at a local vocational training centre after which they faced the prospect of joining the growing army of unemployed youth. However, they decided that they would not sit back with their newly acquired skills and thus started their small beauty care business with a particular focus on manicure.

For Ms Masilo, she explained that she started the business because she had a burning passion for the beauty industry which made it easier for her to work hard.

Because beauty care is not considered a viable business by the Youth Development Fund (YDF), the two youthful business ladies decided to fund their businesses from their own pockets with a minimum amount of P500.

As for Ms Leteemane, she highlighted that lack of funds to diversify their services away from doing nails only was one of the main challenges which is further compounded by the influx of other beauticians in the same location.

Also, she mentioned that some of her clients requested products that are mostly unavailable because they order them as far as South Africa and sometimes in Botswana.

Like any other business, beauticians have their own share of challenges.

“The problem is that Batswana in Francistown have not fully embraced and recognised beauty care as a professional job. Harsh weather conditions such as rainfall are also not favorable to us,” said Ms Masilo.

She also emphasised the importance of customer satisfaction in order to build customer loyalty, hence her loyal clientele who continue to come back for her services. Young people, said Ms Leteemane, should learn to be independent and stop relying on government programs for their existence.

Despite these challenges, the duo’s business continues to thrive due to the fact that they are located in an area where there is a lot of movement. The lowest price that has been set by the two for manicure is P50, and this is done to target even the unemployed who cannot afford the high prices of beauty services.

In future, the duo wants to see their businesses expanding and creating employment opportunities for other young Batswana.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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