Beef Festival to Ignite Lobatse

| May 22, 2015

Small as it is in terms of entertainment, Botswana has seen a considerable growth being in jazz or concerts of beefmeat festivals.

Though this seems to be the case, the organiser of the Lobatse International Beef Festival said it was a bar above the rest.

Not only did it reckon itself as an international event, attracting investors, farmers and stakeholders in cattle production, it was in collaboration with Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) which is dubbed as the house of Beef in Botswana, and being renowned meat perfectionist, clinching the European, Kuwait and Iran markets.

Also the event sponsors will be non-other than Brand Botswana whom are at the fort to promote cultural and economic activities in Botswana to put them on the map hence attracting international attention, as special emphasis the world over is on African cuisines, culture, fashion and economic activities.

The seemingly forgotten town of Lobatse, which has been doubted as a ‘Ghost town’, though it was one of the first transitional capital cities of Botswana before independence, will be set alight come May 30-31 2015.

The event which will not only bring back this town on the charts for investment opportunities and cultural awareness, will be non-other than the Lobatse International Beef Festival.

In addition, the founder of this international event Barolong Seboni, spoke at a press conference in Gaborone on Wednesday, May 20 that firstly this event is different from others as it appreciates, celebrates and magnifies the cattle industry in Botswana and all relevant stakeholders.

Seboni continued to say the event will also extend to two days than the original one day due to demands made by the relevant stakeholders and also to allow Batswana to indulge in a relaxed ambience over a piece of braai quality meat and a glass of wine.

“It was in 1998 when the concept of a beef festival was discussed amongst local farmers and just three years ago the dream became reality, and because we wanted to bring corporate sector and all associates of the beef industry in Botswana, we implemented it barely three years ago,” he added.

The event is held in collaboration with BMC who are one of the major sponsors. MBC’s, communications and public relations manager Brian Dioka stated Lobatse is a rare place of history which is derived from its name loba-tse, which means to hide cattle.

He appreciated the foresightedness of “our fore fathers by establishing BMC in Lobatse” and that without Lobatse there will be no beef hence no BMC and this event will not have been implemented.

Dioka also mentioned that as BMC they partnered with the organisers of this event to provide the attendants with a rare piece of meat that is of quality, which is packaged and marketed internationally at the European Union markets, and also they increased to cater for 4 000 people as opposed to 2 000 of last year.

For her part, Esther Norris, executive director for Brand Botswana said that this event signifies the distinctive way Batswana are setting themselves apart from other nations by promoting the town of Lobatse as an investment hub, job opportunities through the event, and the relaxation of family, friends, adults and children in a responsible meaningful manner.

She added that she wants the people of Lobatse, and the town to take pride in their history of the town, whilst the international market will be eyeing on Botswana, as there is a particular interest of the whole world on Africa, its cultural values and economic diversification drive.

A weekend package goes for P200 and if one fancies the Saturday event (May 30) they will have to pay P150, and P100 on Sunday (May 31), and meals, braai and paleche will be included.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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