Bobonong Sub-Land Board to Accept Applications

| May 20, 2015

Bobonong Sub Land Board will start to accept applications for residential plots in all villages of Bobirwa by June this year.

The arrangement would also cover planning areas of Bobonong, Molalatau and Tsetsebye where applications had been closed for a long time in order to maintain the waiting list.

Speaking in an interview deputy sub land board secretary Mr Tiroyaone Morewakwena said in order to avoid stampedes and congestion at their office, there will be no deadlines for receiving applications and applicants were free to submit the applications at anytime.

Mr Morewakwena said as for the planning areas applicants were not required to route their applications to the land overseers but as for other areas they were to route them through such people although plots would have to be surveyed first.

As for the commercial and industrial plots in the planning areas, he indicated that they would be aertised accordingly. The process for application for ploughing fields has not been affected by the latest development, he said.

However he said the land policy in the Central District administered by Ngwato Land Board allows for two residential plots per person, one plot per village and anyone who has exhausted the limit set would not be allocated land.

Mr Morwakwena appealed to those that have been allocated land to give new applicants a chance. He said people should note that accepting of applications does not guarantee one a plot.

Upon receiving applications there would be acknowledgement letters issued to applicants as well as numbers against the application but highlighted that there was no need for people to flock at the land board office.

Application forms he said can be picked at the nearest land boards countrywide since there were standards and those with access to internet can download them from the ministry’s website.

The secretary said they will have to consult with the dikgosi and area member of parliament on the modalities of applications.

“In our area we will deploy our staff at various places strategically such as a kgotla, police and have mini service centres to avoid situations where people come at the same time,” he said.

Concerning the land allocation in Bobonong he said, the sub land board was about to exhaust the waiting list which lately they allocated 383 residential plots at Sharashara and 312 at Malepane.

Land allocation he said was determined by whether land was available and if available it must be surveyed. Surveying at times takes long because we engage private contractors which take long because they are few around the country, he stated.

Recently the sub land board stopped allocations in Gobojango and Lepokole villages where they had to allocate 400 and 700 applications respectively due to shortage of land, he added.

We still have to seek land which is in the hands of some people especially fields which we have to compensate and survey which also takes time, he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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