Bopeu Opens Kang Office

| May 4, 2015

Positive thinking and visionary leadership are key towards the success of an organisation, according to former local government minister, Mr Peter Siele.

Speaking at the official opening of Botswana Public Emplyees Union’s (BOPEU) Kang branch office recently, Mr Siele applauded the union’s leadership for recognising the importance of their members in rural areas through taking services closer to them.

He highlighted the fact that the Kang office had not only augmented the union’s ability to promptly serve their members as a union of choice, but would also change the social-economic landscape of the area.

He said it was inevitable that the socio-economic benefit brought about by the investment would trickle down to non-members of the union since a few of the locals would also gain employment in the office.

He said BOPEU had over the years made a transition from an ordinary association to a renowned and well-resourced union, with a bargaining status as enshrined in the current public service act.

The union had evolved overtime from a small organization to one whose presence and impact could be felt by its members in every sphere of their lives, since it has transformed from an employee organisation to an employer and investor in the community, he said.

The spirit of self-reliance demonstrated by the union he said should be acknowledged as unions cannot continuously depend on a helping from government.

“The unions have shown some level of responsibility and maturity in the running of their own affairs therefore it is for this reason that we should be grateful when we see BOPEU minimising dependency in its day-to-day administration,” he said.

He noted that the self-dependency will allow for growth and meaningful engagement in the tripartite labour relations as provided for in the legislation.

He further commend unions and their members for their dedication and sacrifice in ensuring that Botswana developed and continued to attract good ratings in areas of human development index.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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