Botswana Empowers Women

| April 13, 2015

President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama says government is committed to women empowerment.

Officially opening the Botswana Democratic Party ( BDP) 15th National Women’s Wing congress in Lobatse on April 10, President Khama said the BDP-led government had a goal of ensuring that women played a meaningful role in the country’s economy.

“Today women remain key players in our economy at all levels,” he said. President Khama said women’s participation in socio economic development of the country, could not be overemphasised adding that government had always had objectives intended to build a united Botswana where everybody irrespective of gender or origin could play a meaningful role in improving their lives and those in the broader community.

The government, he said, was determined to continue creating an environment conducive to the well being of women to make sure that they played an increasing role in all areas of development in government, private sector and elsewhere.

“No country can develop without the input of all its citizens, so none including women, should be excluded from participation,” he said.

In this regard, he said, government pushed for a fair representation of women in all facets citing some United Nations reports including the Global gender gap report of the world economic forum, which cited Botswana as having done well in terms of representation of women in senior positions such that it even surpassed some developed countries.

He also cited the Grant Thornton International Business report of 2013, which put Botswana in the Top 10 in the world.

To this end, President Khama urged the BDP women to take aantages of programmes aimed at empowering women as well as to encourage other women to utilise them.

Job creation, he said, was a priority for the government and hopeful that in taking up these programmes, job opportunities would be created for others as the saying goes that “go thusa mme ke go thusa setshaba” translated to mean that, to empower women is to empower the nation.

In its endeavour to aance gender and development, President Khama said the BDP led government adopted the national policy on gender development last month which highlighted with great focus the expectation of national commitment to provide improved well being for women, girls, boys and men on an equal footing and non discriminatory basis.

While Botswana moved forward in implementing policies on empowering women, he said it was especially on the political end where it had proven to be a challenge. He urged delegates to vote women not only because they were women, but rather because they had the capability.

He said, as the President, having power to appoint people in positions, he made sure he appointed women in high positions based on merit. President Khama implored delegates to ensure that every resolution made at the congress was turned into tangible deliverables for the aancement of the party and the nation.

He said the congress was timely as it came just after the general elections and just before the national congress that would be enriched by the input from the congress.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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