Botswanapost Shares Skills On Designing Stamps

| April 30, 2015

BotswanaPost recently completed a workshop programme on stamp designing dubbed, Three steps to Stamp Design.

A news release from BotswanaPost stated that the main objective of the workshop was to train artists and arts teachers on the process of coming up with a stamp and be mindful of details, stamp themes and the complexities surrounding the Philately market.

It further said the other objective included building a pool of skill, localising the market and ensuring growth of the local arts and craft industry. The release stated that, “Philately, being the study and collection of stamps, is relatively a new and untapped concept in Botswana yet a multimillion dollar international industry.”

The workshop was intended to build capacity, engage the media and create awareness in coverage of philately issues, says the release. It states that the workshop was presided over by the renowned Sheila Case and Renee Eisen-Konat who went to great lengths detailing the intricacies of stamp design and emphasised that “every artist is talented in their own right and every artist can draw and paint, but to design a stamp is a whole new process, which is quite demanding in terms of the details to consider.”

It also stated that in attendance was the renowned artist, Wilson Ngoni who designed the 2014 commemorative stamps of lions of Chobe.

Also in attendance was the designer of the Domestic Animal in Botswana stamps series, Nancy Horenburg, and Sylvester Koweno who designed one of the national Flora Symbol series stamps last year to share valuable experience in their journey.

The release says workshops like this one have helped BotswanaPost to not solely rely on artists from outside Botswana to design our stamps whilst we are endowed with so much talent and skills.

Furthermore, BotswanaPost says it is now confident with the quality of its next issues as local artists can produce work of international standard. BotswanaPost intends to build this industry, and empower local people to live off of their skills and God given talents.

Source : BotswanaPost

Source : Botswana Daily News

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