Botswelelo Pottery Shows Compassion

| April 14, 2015

Botswelelo Pottery in Thamaga recently held a family fun day where they showed compassion by donating fencing material to their former co-worker, Mr Ben Moswete.

Mr Moswete, aged 65, who resides at Sau ward in Thamaga worked for Botswelelelo Pottery for 12 years since 1985 as head of marketing. In his welcome remarks, Councillor for Thamaga West, Mr Tona Selala said it was a grateful thing for a community to recognise one’s needs, and extend a helping hand.

For his part, the area Member of Parliament, Mr Tshenolo Mabeo said the project was the first of its kind in the village. Mr Mabeo, who is also the Minister of Transport and Communications said by giving to the community, Botswelelo Centre was also extending a helping hand to government.

The MP said the donation would also help promote Botswelelo Pottery brand, adding that he would also approach the minister of trade and industry if it was possible to turn the pottery into a tourist attraction.

He also commended those who took part in 30 kilometre cycling race from Thamaga to Gakgatla junction and urged the youth to take sport seriously as it could divert them from engaging in social ills.

Mr Mabeo said he would support Thamaga cycling to ensure that it becomes an official club since the young cyclists really amazed him.

He donated P1000, Mr Selala P300 while people also made an effort and P1750 was raised for Mr Motswete.

Giving a vote of thanks, Botswelelo Pottery chairperson, Mr Morgan Dipate expressed dissappointment that people did not turn up in large numbers at the event.

Mr Dipate noted that the community should support Botswelelo as an encouragement.

For cycling, Nniza Kemoabe got first prize, followed by Opana Ratsowa and Letso Keamogetse who got second and third positions respectively. For prizes they received Botswelelo Pottery products.

The P10 000 worth fencing material will be used at the new plot of Mr Moswete, who was also given a four burner gas stove.

The event ended with a tour of the Centre’s production site. Different games were played such as volleyball, skipping rope, diketo and other traditional games.

Sebirwa dance group and Botswelelo choir entertained the crowd.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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