Breastfeeding Way to Go

| May 27, 2015

Nurses have been implored to facilitate the practice of breast feeding as it is the best method of feeding a newly born baby.

Speaking during the breast feeding educational seminar recently, principal registered nurse Ms Tshepo Mphoeng, who is also a midwife at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital stated that nurses, should have good communication skills as they are expected to educate expecting mothers about breast feeding method. Ms Mphoeng encouraged nurses to have positive attitudes when dealing with their patients so that they can help them build confidence.

She aised nurses to be more attentive to the patients so that they can be more confident and to be more open about their problems when they come for check-ups.

“The nurses should tell the public what is right and to avoid telling them things of their own imaginations” she said. Ms Mphoeng told nurses to offer information to the patients and to avoid assuming that the patients know.

He stressed that communication between the health workers and the patients was important.

Ms Mphoeng noted that breast feeding is the best method of feeding a newly born baby up until the age of two years and it was cheap as compared to other methods. She also added that recently breast feeding has declined because more women are now working and take a long time away from their babies.

The five day seminar was also in preparation for the breast feeding week which will be held on the 1st to the 7th of August this year. The commemoration of the breast feeding week will be in Serowe, under the theme “Breast feeding and Work, let’s make it work”.

Source : Bopa

Source : Botswana Daily News

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