BTU Launches Lobatse Branch

| April 14, 2015

Barclays Bank Botswana Lobatse branch manager, Ms Seteng Pelaelo says teachers should realise the power that they have and use it to their aantage.

Speaking at the Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) regional launch in Lobatse, Ms Pelaelo said teacher had produced people who were relevant to the society .

“It is through a teacher that the world has had an upsurge to where it is now through the knowledge that they have imparted on their students,” Ms Pelaelo said. Ms Pelaelo urged teachers to continue carrying their daily duties and teaching with passion, know their purpose as teachers and always believing in what they were doing.

She also aised teachers to move with the times and be technologically aanced as well as putting technology into their day to day teaching plans.

“It is high time that our teaching system incorporated the use of technology and innovation to meet the demands of the current era and age which are technologically aanced,” she said.

She also called on teachers to encourage their learners to develop entrepreneurship mentality and not depend on job offers after completing their education. She said, it was in that regard that this country would be taken further in development instead of regressing back to where it came from.

Ms Pelaelo also encouraged women in the teacher unions to rise to the occasion and take up the union leadership especially the presidency. She raised concern that ever since the union’s establishment in 1937, until today, the union has never had a woman president. ‘It is therefore high time, the women supported each other and ensured they have a female president,” she said.

For his part, BTU president, Mr Johannes Tshukudu said BTU is going through a transformational process to meet today’s challenges. Mr Tshukudu said, though the current crop of teachers are more educated than the past ones, the expectation is that these teachers should be producing better results, soemthing he said is not happening.

He expressed concern on the issue of teachers who are dragged to court for indulging in sexual activities with school girls, an issue he described as a challenge to the teaching profession and the union leadership.

Other issues he raised included that of teachers with Masters Degrees who are still being paid at Diploma level scales and abuse of alcohol by teachers, who ultimately come to work drunk adding that the union wants to have responsible teachers who know their purpose.

For his part, Lobatse chief education officer, Mr Tumelo Rakgabo told the BTU members that the union relationship with the ministry cannot be over – emphasised, as the two entities are inter – twined and work together for a common goal.

Mr Rakgabo said the Ministry of Education and Skills Development recognises the role that BTU plays as a union adding that the ministry would continue to work cooperatively with the union.

Former BTU president, Mr Loyd Mothusi said when BTU started, things were not easy, as they did not have much resources unlike today. Mr Mothusi said, nonetheless, the then union members persevered with all they had to reach their ultimate goal which was quality teacher representation and the aocacy for better teaching services.

He said it was through their representation that teachers were treated as any other public officers and offered all public service benefits such as the pension fund. It was through the teacher union that music and sports competitions among regions in the country were introduced and ran very successfully, he said. He encouraged teachers to love their job and produce better results.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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