Business Requires Passion – MP

| April 30, 2015

Mahalapye youth have been aised to be passionate about businesses they aspire to venture into to ensure growth and success.

MP for Mahalapye West, Mr Joseph Molefe said this on April 27 when addressing youth in Mahalapye.

Mr Molefe said many youth businesses had collapsed due to lack of passion for such business projects. The government, he said, aimed at empowering the youth hence the funding for such projects.

He, however, expressed disappointment that some youth had failed to derive positive results from their government funded results, hence their failure. Mr Molefe noted that if one had passion, business ideas would flow and result in business growth, success and job creation for fellow citizens.

The youth were also aised not to venture into businesses with saturated market, but instead be innovative and creative. MP Molefe said the government has transformed the Youth Farmers Fund into Youth Entrepreneurship Fund so that more young people could apply for it and start their own businesses.

He said they could venture into transportation, tourism or tailoring businesses to curb unemployment. He also aised them to liaise with his office for assistance. The MP noted that many young people have complained about lack of knowledge to submit all the required documents in order to secure these funds.

Mr Molefe said he was aware of challenges they faced such as shortage of trading spaces due to high rentals and infrastructure to carry out their businesses. He said his office was willing to assist them where possible and noted that as much as he appreciates government efforts he was aware that due to minimum funds allocated to constituencies only a handful benefit from them leaving more behind.

Mr Molefe said there were old structures in the area which could be used by the youth, citing the old police station and hospital. Mr Molefe also appealed to the youth to update their curriculum vitae and apply for the coming Water Utilities project which would start in the village very soon.

He said the department of roads also allows youth to engage in roads maintenance, adding that through the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund, the youth could apply for funds and establish construction companies so that they could benefit from government initiatives.

He said as a new MP he would need their support in developing the constituency. For their part, the youth decried lack of proper assistance from the youth office, saying they encounter difficulties in filling up the required forms and ill treatment from officers.

One youth, Mr Keikantse Hosea cited lack of operational space and land as major challenges they faced. Mr Hosea said it was very difficult to get into businesses without having land, adding that even possible investors find it difficult to come to operate in their village because of high rentals charged by owners.

Mr Phefo Phefo also shared the same sentiments of high rentals charged by property owners and pleaded with the MP to persuade owners of old structures to allow them to operate their businesses from. He also raised a concern that to seek assistance from CEDA offices they have to travel to Palapye, hence the need to bring developments to Mahalapye to curtail travelling expenses.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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