Businesswoman Honours Police Women

| May 13, 2015

As millions of women all over the world celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend, a Jwaneng-based businesswoman, Ms Olga Ditsie used the opportunity to honour Jwaneng female police officers through a tea party.

She said the women in uniform needed to be celebrated because they were striving to work hard in a male dominated industry. She also appreciated the challenges that they continued to face as they executed their mandate.

Ms Ditsie said she found it fit to organise a platform where these female officers could meet outside the workplace and celebrate their role as home makers as well as custodians of the law.

Speaking at the event, Dr Figar Pheto said even though she was aware of the challenges that women continued to face, what was important was how they addressed those challenges in order to be successful and leave a legacy. She encouraged attendants to strive for fulfilling their greater purpose beyond the job they were paid to do.

“You have to make an impact on society by aiming for excellence and loving the work you do, as well as identifying other things that you can do apart from the job you are paid for,” she said.

She urged them to identify the needs of the society they live within and come up with ways that could help make life easy for other people. This, she noted, would contribute to the fulfillment of their greater purpose in life and in the end make a legacy for them as individuals.

Furthermore, Dr Pheto encouraged women to always work hard against all the challenges they were facing. She urged them to take risks in order to be successful and realise their dreams. “Success is not for the faint hearted, it is for the risk takers,” she said.

For her part, the social worker for Jwaneng Town council, Ms Nurse Oaitse underscored the need to appreciate that women had an equal capability in different roles just like their male counterparts. She said there was need for the society to do away with cultural believes that were intended to demean the status of women.

Such believes, she noted, denied women a lot of opportunities that their male counterparts benefitted from, such as in the workplace and in decision making roles.

She also noted that the way the girl child and her male counterpart were raised and socialized in the past had contributed a lot to issues of gender based violence that were still a challenge in this country.

Ms Oaitse said even though a lot has improved from the yesteryears, there were still some men who looked down upon women and did not treat them as equal partners.

She however commended the government for having improved access to health by women and ultimately the reduction of maternal deaths which used to be a problem in the past.

She said there was need to celebrate women as the backbone of the society, and particularly police women especially in this era of escalating crime.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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