Care Givers Demand Allowance

| April 20, 2015

Caregivers for people living with disabilities in the Shoshong constituency have appealed to the government to consider giving them an allowance just like people living with disabilities.

They said this in a kgotla meeting addressed by the Assistant Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Mr Philip Makgalemele, who was addressing people living with disabilities and their care givers in Shoshong recently.

They said just as the government has decided to give people living with disabilities some allowance, they too should be taken into consideration because they provide an important service for the nation.

Some of them, they said, care for people who cannot fend for themselves and thus hindering them to look for employment.

One Ms Baletedi Montsho said she cares for her twelve years old autism patient, who needs her by his side at all times, something which hinders her to look for any form of employment in order to support her family.

On other issues, some people living with disabilities decried that they too are human beings and the government should involve them in decision making, especially on issues which affect them.

They said though they live with disability some of them are able and they do not want to depend on the government.

He said like any other citizens they want to be able to access government initiatives.

Mr Abolotse Basiami a person living with disability, said being disabled does not hinder him from finding means of earning a living and he has been doing that ever since.

Mr Basiami encouraged other people living with disabilities to stand up for themselves and not to rely mostly on the government.

He noted that they should be self-reliant and prepare for their future and their children’s.

For his part, the Assistant Minister Mr Makgalemele said a draft policy on people living with disabilities is to be debated in the winter Parliament.

He said the policy would include all the requirements that will be enjoyed by people living with disabilities and their care givers, adding that it will abide by the international standards on people living with disabilities.

Mr Makgalemele said poverty eradication programmes will be improved in such a manner that they cater for people living with disabilities since they are equally affected by poverty just like the able bodied.

He said the issue of lack of accommodation was equally a concern for those living with disability like those who were able bodied.

He said it has surfaced that people living with disabilities are the most affected by natural disaster as such the policy with be amended to that effect.

Mr Makgalemele further called on relevant officers to give priority to people living with disabilities in both government and non-governmental organisation schemes.

He revealed that people living with disabilities who cannot work will be given an allowance of P300.00 monthly.

Principal Disability Officer in the Office of the President, Ms Moshia Moalosi expressed concern that some people have developed a tendency of pretending to be living with disability in order to enjoy people living with disability schemes.

Ms Moalosi said such tendency was a bad habit which will deprive those who the schemes intend to benefit and that it was stealing government money.

She said this has compelled the government to exercise extra caution in giving schemes to the beneficiaries.

Shoshong Deputy Kgosi Sejakgomo Ntsaga said in the past people with disability used to be hidden due stigma attached to their conditions.

He said it was after independence that things began to change that the government started coming up with scheme aimed at improving lives of people living with disability.

He said now people know that they should help and care for people living with disability.

Kgosi Ntsaga said now people living with disability are in a position to play a vital role in the development of the country as it has been realised that they are capable.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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