Chegumi – All Must Give Back to the Creator

| May 26, 2015

While every compilation has imperfections, there is little to criticize from Pastor Andrew Sebata’s album titled, “Chegumi” which means tithe.

“I looked at what God did for me and thought I should look back to the lord. This is my tithe to the lord. When God had done great things for you, the inspiration is to give back to him,” he said during the album listening session at Revealed Word Ministry recently.

The album is characterized by an angular harmonic progression and instrumental lines, with more than six types of genres endorsed such as pop, house music, reggae, afro jazz and rumba. Track 10, titled, “Show me your glory” is the contemporary sound of gospel exemplified and also a solid snapshot into gospel music of present.

A variety of unique genres with unique styles come together to accomplish one thing, which is giving glory and honor to God for the Revealed Word Ministries Pastor, to cater for both youth and adults.

After 10 years of absence in the Music Industry, Pastor Sebata who originates from Zimbabwe and is now based in Botswana said he started his music career as a Mbube singer and a song writer in 1987 – 1989 leading a group called Young Super Stars.

The group later became a band in 2004 and released two albums. He also started another group called Umlilo of Joy, in Zimbabwe which performed very well in the Market in 2004, which was the year when he decided to halt the music production due to the call to ministering in Botswana.

The General Secretary for Botswana Musicians Union, Pagson Ntsie admired the wonderful humility that was displayed in the album and encouraged the artistes to unite, support and uplift each other.

He welcomed the Pastor into the Industry, and condemned gospel artists who struck the image of industry by indulging in drugs and alcohol, hence rendering it worthless.

Words of encouragement were made by the Vice President of Evangelical Fellowship Botswana, Bishop Owen Isaacs, who was very inspired by the creativity made in the album, which compelled the ear to listen.

“The world is demanding singers to sing the songs of Zion and you should continue to sing the songs of Zion,” he exclaimed.

The session was attended by the fellow gospel singers including Mathews Matsetse, and directed by Zenzele Hirschfeld of Botswana Entertainment Promoters Association.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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