Chibuku Truck Crashes Into Choppies Store

| June 17, 2015

Kasane Police are investigating a case in which a Chibuku delivery truck crashed into Kasane Choppies Supermarket on Monday (June 15) night.

The accident occurred at around 930 pm. The truck which was in transit to Chobe Enclave destroyed the shopping mall signs prior to the crash and left the building in bad shape.

Sergeant Mbaakanyi Chisupo of Kasane Police stated that investigations are still ongoing to find out the cause of the accident.

“There were two passengers and a driver in the truck when it lost control and crashed into the building. Two sustained minor injuries and were discharged immediately after examination at the hospital,” he said.

According to the driver, Oteng Tshwanetse, the truck started having problems with the gear at Parakarungu village where he was delivering Chibuku.

He said that he immediately informed the truck owner about the problem. He, however, said he was ordered to drive to Kasane so that the truck could be attended to.

“I drove at a lower speed to avoid hitting animals in the Chobe National Park and avoid putting other road users lives in danger,” he said.

He explained that the problem got worse by the time he reached Kasane. Upon arrival in town, he said the truck started accelerating, thus resulting in him loosing control.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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