CLLRS Welcome Power Transmission Line

| April 2, 2015

North West District councillors have hailed Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for its development of a transmission grid connection which will link power sources to various load centres in the district.

They welcomed the project after the project engineer, Mr Mmadi Makobo, updated them about the power situation in Ngamiland and sought their input regarding the new project being undertaken.

BPC embarked on a 400KV proposed transmission line, which will be from Morupule in Palapye and pass through Toteng to Shakawe in the North West District. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 if not first quarter of 2018.

Councillors said the project was a welcome development and called for proper monitoring and supervision to ensure smooth implementation.

They said the electricity project was a fundamental need as it would make life easier, improve the power situation and revive the local economy in the district as many businesses were collapsing because of shortage of electricity due to regular power cuts.

They said Ngamiland is a tourism destination and power cuts had been a challenge noting that the new project would be a solution.

Cllr for Senonnori ward, Mr Kenson Kgaga said 99 per cent of people in the district have ventured into tourism industry and electricity had been negatively affecting their operations.

Commenting, Cllr for Botshabelo ward, Mr Tlotlo Baganaletso welcomed the project, noting that such a huge project should benefit the locals by creating employment for them.

He urged the corporation to guard against contractors bringing in their own unskilled labourers, emphasising that there was need to give locals a priority.

Cllr for Shakawe South, Mr Lesedi Boy expressed disappointment to learn that the on-going construction of Shakawe Primary hospital might face a serious challenge of shortage of electricity if the project could be completed ahead of the transmission line.

He appealed to the corporation to fast track their project and ensure connectivity to the hospital noting that would be a blessing to residents of Okavango who have long awaited the new hospital.

Earlier on, Mr Makobo informed the house that Maun was growing faster and it was evident that the current electricity supplied was not enough to serve the Maun population and businesses.

He also highlighted that the village was moving towards becoming a town due to the high number of tourism activities hence it was very crucial to improve power supply.

He noted that the transmission line project was crucial for North West region with the developments of mines in the region such as the recently closed DML Boseto mine in Toteng.Mr Makobo said the project would be constructed into four phases.

The transmission line project is expected to begin at the end of this year.With BPC being unable to supply Shakawe with power, the village was supplied from Namibia and the supply was inadequate hence the construction of the project.

He also stated that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) had been taken into consideration as the big project would have both positive and negative impact. “I can assure you that we would try by all means to minimise the negative impacts,” he said.

He said the project requires more land which means that some residential plots, farms and cattle posts might be affected, hence the importance of convening consultation meetings.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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