Companies Line Up for Innovation Hub

| June 15, 2015

A number of international companies have enlisted to do business at the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH).

Briefing the Public Accounts Committee recently, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Mr Dikagiso Mokotedi said BIH was due for completion in July 2016 and that construction was on schedule.

Mr Mokotedi noted that BIH was an entity created by the government to facilitate and promote investment and innovation in Botswana.

The permanent secretary said among many companies that have shown interest to house their businesses at the hub were drug manufacturers, diamond researchers and jewelers.

He noted that BIH occupies a 52 hectare piece of land, part of which would accommodate a research park.

He said a budget of P600 million has been allocated for the construction of roads, sewage, water systems and telecommunications at the hub.

Mr Mokokedi said an additional P400 million was allocated for the construction of the building.

He emphasised that the hub would attract investors, not only to do research but also to manufacture products and gadgets.

Mr Mokotedi noted that they presented different companies around the world with benefits of doing business in Botswana, including tax incentives.

“We are offering them a niche market in Botswana because Africa consumes and uses their products and hence we want them to come make those products here in Botswana close to their market,” he said.

He further stated that with the hub complete, they would still embark on luring high tech companies to take aantage of their IT skills and competencies.


Source : Botswana Daily News

Category: Business & Finance

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