Concerted Efforts Key to Fight Against Cancer

| June 11, 2015

People and governments should give more attention to the fight against cancer, says a member of the board of trustees of the Cancer Association of Botswana (CAB), Dr Mompati Mmalane.

Speaking during the Cancer Survivors Commemoration Day in Gaborone on June 6, Dr Mmalane noted that millions of people succumbed to this dreadful disease worldwide every year and, as such, concerted efforts through education and healthy lifestyle needed to be adopted to win the fight.

Dr Mmalane raised a concern about the high number of people who died due to cancer, saying the numbers were higher when compared to deaths resulting from AIDS and malaria combined.

He said some of the deaths could easily be avoided if people resorted to healthy lifestyles. He also aised people to guard against what they eat, drink and inhale as these could play a leading role in the type of cancer one could have.

In addition, he said in Botswana the most prevalent cancers were the prostate, breast and cervical cancers which affects men and females respectively. Fortunately, he said, if detected at an early stage they could be treated.

He stressed on the need to intensify education on cancer by all concerned parties which include the government, institutions and the general populace.

For her part, a cervical cancer survivor, Ms Glara Raselaeng called for a more conducive and welcoming atmosphere at clinics and hospitals to allow more people to come forward for testing.

She said despite that government was encouraging people to come forth and test themselves, such efforts were being thwarted by those nurses who question people in a very queer manner as to what prompted them to come for tests.

Ms Raselaeng said she went for testing after she read about cervical cancer from a magazine. She said she was humiliated by a group of nurses who made her repeat what prompted her to come for tests.

She will be turning 20 years next year, as a cervical cancer free person after undergoing intense and rigorous treatment. She also managed to give birth to a baby girl in 2000. She called for support from all concerned for cancer victims and survivors.

For her part, general manager of Jack’s Gym, Ms Lisa Oosthuizen emphasised the need for people to keep their bodies fit all the time by engaging in regular exercise and observing good diet at all times. End

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Source : Botswana Daily News

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