Corruption Harmful to Economy

| May 26, 2015

Corrupt practices may lead to fall of the nation and thus rob future generations of a bright future, the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi, has said.

Speaking at his ministry’s third rewards and recognition ceremony in Gaborone on May 21, Mr Kgathi aised staff that they should keep their consciences intact as they implement projects and programmes of the ministry.

“You should guard against corrupt practices and other criminal tendencies and live by the values enshrined in the Public Service Charter,” he cautioned, adding that it was corruption for a public officer to leak confidential official information to the press.

The minister thus aised government employees to let journalists do their own investigative journalism rather than risk losing their jobs.

Turning to service delivery, Mr Kgathi said, in as much as they talked about providing good service and programmes efficiently and timely, it was equally important to remember that the welfare of staff remained top in the ministry’s agenda.

Employees are the heartbeat of any organization therefore supervisors must address their grievances and disputes quickly and amicably so as to maintain good team spirit and a working environment that is conducive for productivity, he pointed out.

He appealed to all those at supervisory levels to take up their rightful responsibility in promoting and rewarding excellence while at the same time taking the necessary measures to discourage anything associated with poor performance

The minister said those who received awards must remember that no one exists in isolation, and that the accolades they were getting were indicative of their efforts in conjunction with the efforts of others.

Thus he encouraged them to work hard, encourage, mentor, support and motivate those around them to also improve their performance.

In her welcome remarks, Ms Segakweng Tsiane said awards were about service offered by officers to customers they were also about worklife balance, and that through awards they shared with their families the results of long hours from home.

One of the awardees, Ms Pako Dintwe was the shining star of the night scooping four awards in ‘Employee of the month, Best performer, Minister’s award, and the 13th cheque.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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