Corruption Rife in Tutume Sub-Council

| May 22, 2015

Tutume sub-district council chairperson, Mr Ishmael Mokgethi has accused some council officers of engaging in corrupt practices particularly on council projects undertaken by Ipelegeng.

Speaking at a familiarisation tour by the council to take its services to the people at Dagwi village in Nkange constituency on Tuesday May 19, Mr Mokgethi said they have often received complaints regarding delayed projects as a result of shortage of materials, some of which were once delivered at the project sites and later disappeared without trace.

He said the concerned officials are taking aantage of Village Development Committees (VDCs) leadership who are supervisors of projects and even Ipelegeng employees who end up being put in a difficult situation to account for things they do not know about.

However, Mr Mokgethi stressed that they have put in place strict measures to deal with acts of corruption at the council. He said they have introduced registration for everything that is taken or removed from projects sites.

Furthermore, he emphasised to the supervisors to question whoever comes forth with claims to deliver or collect anything from the sites. Mr Mokgethi cautioned Ipelegeng employees to desist from taking with them children when they go to work as that also leads to delayed completion of projects as mothers spend most of their time babysitting their babies instead of doing the work they have been employed for.

“Let us take Ipelegeng just like any other employment and respect the conditions of work,” he said.

On other issues, he informed the residents that money for orphans’ food baskets has been increased. He urged care givers and guardians to apply for swiping cards as it will give them an opportunity to buy at any shop of their choice instead of being forced to take food from the local stores because they do not have swiping cards.

In addition, he said it will reduce complaints from the guardians that local general dealers are not serving them well as they are sometimes given food left with few days to expire.

Meanwhile, the residents have suggested that at least on month ends, officials from social and community development (Samp CD) should come and witness what food baskets beneficiaries receive.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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