Crime Worries Reatile

| April 9, 2015

The Southern District Council (SDC) chairman, Mr Mephato Reatile, says crime remains a cause for concern in the district.

Addressing a full council meeting in Kanye recently, Mr Reatile said crimes such as stock theft, house breaking, store breaking and theft as well as robbery were on the rise.

Mr Reatile attributed the rise to inadequate security services in business premises and households. Thus, he urged the business community and members of the public to play an active role in crime prevention by ensuring security for their property at all times.

On other issues, Mr Reatile raised a concern over the declining school results. He revealed that schools in the Kanye Administrative Authority (KAA), Mabutsane have dropped by 2.6 percent while the Good-hope sub district took a nose dive of -4.17 per cent in the last Junior Certificate Examination (JCE).

Mr Reatile decried that the general performance of junior secondary schools was below expectation. The chairman further highlighted that Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education (BGCSE) results were lower than JCE results and singled Good-hope Senior Secondary School as the hardest hit with a decline of 6.94% followed by Moshupa with -5.28 per cent and Seepapitso with a marginal decrease of -0.24 per cent

He said the results were symptomatic of a serious problem bedeviling the district hence the need for collaborated effort between teachers and parents for the benefit of the nation. Furthermore the chairman stated that the District has experienced low rainfall during the current rainy season which has resulted in crop failure and poor grazing.

He stated that almost all the crops that were planted in November and December have either aborted, and those at both seedling and vegetative stage have reached their permanent wilting points. He has therefore warned the nation to prepare for a looming drought.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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