Cross Border Crime Need Concerted Efforts

| May 20, 2015

Cross border theft, which continues to be a challenge in the country, needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

Speaking during a brief meeting with residents of Sikwane on May 18 during a border affirmation tour, the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi said it was one of his ministry’s responsibilities to ensure that nothing left or entered Botswana illegally.

He said statistics had revealed that there was poaching along the SikwaneSouth Africa border and implored residents to work with his ministry and other government departments to stop such criminal activities.

The minister cautioned the residents against crossing the border into South Africa without necessary travelling documents as it was illegal to do so.

Minister Kgathi aised those who have dual citizenship to forgo the other as the law does not allow any person to have two citizenships.

He said he was aware that some Batswana work in South Africa and they commute daily to their workplace. He however aised them to use their passports and cross the border at gazetted points.

Earlier, when welcoming the minister and his entourage, Kgosi Michael Balebetse of Mmathubudukwane asked Minister Kgathi to consider upgrading Sikwane border.

He said borders have to be outstanding as it would give visitors a good impression about the country.

Kgosi Balebetse raised a concern about some Batswana who cross the border into South Africa at ungazetted points, saying they were taking aantage of the fact that most part of the border is the river.

He decried shortage of housing accommodation faced by police officers working in the area and pleaded with the minister to assist in improving the officers’ working conditions.

Minister Kgathi commended the public officers working at Sikwane border and encouraged them to continue providing service to the nation despite the poor working conditions.

Giving a vote of thanks, Member of Parliament for Mochudi East, Mr Isaac Davids said it was important for government ministers to meet Batswana often so that they appreciate the challenges they go through.

He asked government to upgrade the border to ease flow of goods and consider reviewing its operating hours because many Batswana work in South Africa and at times they come late and find the border closed.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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