Dasha Kelly Lightens Maitisong

| April 27, 2015

The amazing and phenomenal Dasha Kelly performed at the just ended Maitisong festival during the spoken word open mic session held at Mantlwaneng on April 25.

Kelly is the award winning poet from the United States. She is a writer, a poet and a phenomenal writer. “The dynamic and virtuous Kelly was very calm in a humble way, her wisdom and grace from what she speaks is just mind blowing”, exclaimed the spectator.

Kelly was able to captivate and mesmerise the crowd in every way she could.

She was described by her followers as a woman with compassion and a powerhouse of creativity. The poet is also providing workshops as well as performing in other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, still at Mantlwaneng, the double bill theater, first ever presented which was directed by the new and upcoming artist, Mamohato Askew from South Africa and our very own Marang Molosiwa was a spectacle.

The theater showcased the Basarwa settlements and the experience of a worker deployed to the settlement. It is an awesome play that entails different theoretical languages and moves away from the traditional linear directive.

“The whole idea was to show the rest of the world that the Basarwa are also human and they are also affected by all that happens around them. We all should try to accommodate them and their way of living,” expressed Mamohato.

Other poets who graced the stage included TJ Tema and Bundu Lama.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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