David’s Love for Children Rewarding

| May 13, 2015

The say love is the greatest and most precious gift one can give and it beats all odds.

This is true of Ms Baluki David, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who has the greatest love for children. Seeing small ones laughing and playing around is the most fulfilling experience to Ms David and she says that is what keeps her going everyday.

That is why in 2014 she started her own day care centre where she could give these small creatures all the love and care she could.

The enthusiastic Ms David turned her passion into a dream of owning a day care centre and after much experience from one of the local pre schools in Ghanzi she finally made a decision to start her own.

She was a preschool teacher for five years at Busy Bee pre-school, and with training from Bosabosele Institution in Gaborone where she trained management of day care centre and early childhood education she was ready to start her own. Blooming Roses day care centre is Ms David’s pride.

She houses 35 kids with three classes and operates with four staff inclusive of herself. The staff comprise of three teachers and one kitchen help.

Running from 7am up until after hours at around 5pm, the day care accommodates children from six months to four years, when they are now ready for Pre School.

“We have divided the children into groups of baby, junior and senior, with six months to two year olds at baby, two to three years at junior and senior with three to four year olds, ” says Ms David of her day care centre.

She says although she only has one experienced teacher, and training others while they assist and take care of the baby class the experienced teacher teaches the junior class as well as senior class with her guidance as she also teaches.

Ms David with her determination to make something out of her dream she applied for youth fund and got funding from Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture through the Youth Development Fund to realise her dream. She explains that she got a P91 000 fund which is 50 per cent grant and 50 percent loan with P800 monthly instalment payments.

Although the grant was not sufficient to take care of all the things she wished to do to get the centre running, this did not discourage this young lady.

Ms David used her savings to substantiate the fund she got from Ministry of Youth and managed to get all equipment she needed for the day care to start running.

One year later, Blooming Roses day care centre is doing well and Ms David proudly says with a beaming face that she sees profit despite challenges.

Her monthly estimates she says amount to P10 000 inclusive of rent at P3 700, water and electricity bills at P300, and salaries for four people estimating around P5 000.

She says the rest of the monthly money she gets from school fees she saves for future expansion of her business.

Blooming Roses offers full and half day services as well as extra curriculum of holidays, after hours, drops in and weekend care services. Her fees are also reasonable even though she is the only one providing day care services. “For a less than a year olds it is P600 per month and a year plus is P650 monthly,” states Ms David explaining that this fee is inclusive of breakfast and lunch.

She says parents are encouraged to pack snack packs for their children as they pick them after five in the afternoon. She continues to say for Saturday services they charge P65 from eight o clock in the morning until four in the afternoon, while drop in service which is mostly weekly is charged at P50 for the entire day.

The drop in service is one service that is mostly used as most parents are faced with challenges of helpers abandoning them when they least expected and Ms David always comes to the rescue when such situations arise.

But, this also extends to after school care service, which although is not provided for at the moment Baluki says it is on the cards as she has realised that most parents struggle with where to take their kids after school while they still at work.

And that as things are, could be a solution to parents, as the after school according to Ms David will have incentives of helping with school work and it will only cost P30 daily for just two hours from two in the afternoon until four in the afternoon or just after five pm.

The holiday care service is also provided at Blooming Roses at P350 for non-attendees of the day care centre.

Baluki says they do not close shop and their students do not pay the extra holiday fees only those non-attendees children who are on holiday and need care during the day are expected to pay.

However, she explains that the P350 is for the two weeks breaks but during December holidays or more than two weeks school break then it is normal standard price of P650 which is paid by Blooming Roses students. A mother of a four year old, Ms David says running a day care is not all rosy and smooth.

The challenges she says somehow do not affect her because of the love she has for the children. Despite late payments from parents she thrives to provide the best quality care she promised these little angels’ parents.

She says she only manages well with the parents by constantly reminding them of payments by calling them. Another challenge which is a threat to Ms David’s business is high rent as well as land shortage.

She believes having a plot of her own could help grow her business as she will be able to expand and create more employment for other youths, as she will have more kids attending.

Her only aice to other youths is to be committed to their dreams and find a gap anywhere in Botswana and establish businesses.

She says youth must desist from only focusing on starting their businesses from their places of origin.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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