DC Cautions Batswana Against Looting

| May 15, 2015

The Southern District commissioner, Mr Moses Gaealashwe, has cautioned Batswana against looting from trucks involved in road accidents.

Addressing Sekoma residents on May 12, Mr Gaealashwe said the district leadership was concerned about such habit, which he said could dent relations between Botswana and other countries.

He also noted that the Trans-Kalahari Highway was the backbone of Botswana’s economy because it was a link between different countries in the SADC region, which had bilateral agreements to transport goods through it.

He looting from big trucks involved in accidents along the road had become a trend which posed a threat to such relations. Truck owners, he added, paid tax for such goods to pass through Botswana and to also ensure the safety of the drivers as per the agreement.

He said movement of goods between the countries enhanced Botswana’s development and also helped to grow the economy of the country.

“This road attracts investors to set up businesses in Botswana who in turn create employment for us to make a living. The expectation is that more investors will come forth and add to the development of our country,” he said.

Mr Gaealashwe urged residents of villages along the Trans Kalahari Highway to desist from their habit because the companies would resort to alternative routes to transport their goods.

He said if they allowed such to happen, then the economy of the country would be aersely affected and some local truck owners would also lose out on business.

For his part, the Southern District council chairman, Mr Mephato Reatile noted that Batswana should appreciate the positive developments that the Trans Kalahari Highway had brought to their country.

Mr Reatile said apart from contributing to the economy of the country, the road also linked different places in Botswana, which otherwise could not be easily accessible.

He noted that recent incidents of looting had the potential to damage the good image of the country and further dent diplomatic relations between Botswana and other SADC countries.

He said companies that use the road to transport goods to other countries had an option to take an alternative route even though it was longer.

He said if that were to happen then a lot of things would be at stake.

Further, Mr Reatile said incidents that recently took place were embarrassing more so that people disrespected the police who tried to call them to order.

Officer commanding for District 14, Senior Superintendent Reuben Mphoeng further warned residents that looting was a criminal offence which was punishable by law.

Thus, he urged them to continually respect the police attending to accident scenes so that they could execute their duties freely.

Furthermore, he called on those who took doors from a recent accident that happened at Sekoma to return them immediately because investigations were underway and those who failed to comply would face the wrath of the law.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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