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| May 7, 2015

A defence lawyer representing murder- accused, Boitshwarelo Tau of Mahotshwane settlement near Mabutsane in the Southern district, has indicated to the Gaborone High Court that he intends calling some Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) doctors to be his defence witnesses.

Mr Gabriel Kanjabanga told Chief Justice Maruping Dibotelo that he would like the prosecution to assist him or at least provide him with all names of medical doctors who were involved in the treatment of the late Sinki Phuthego.

Though Justice Dibotelo assured him of the court’s assistance, Mr Kanjabanga said he raised the issue with the court because he felt the state prosecutor, Ms Sally Boitumelo was reluctant to assist him in this endevour as he personally did not know where and who they were. He reasoned that their presence and testimony will strengthen the defence case.

Nevertheless, Justice Dibotelo in his ruling ordered the investigating officer to approach the PMH management and come up with a list of all doctors who treated Phuthego from the date of his admission till his death. He said their names should be given to both Mr Kanjabanga and Ms Boitumelo so that they could be easily reached or located should the need arise.

Phuthego, who allegedly died at the hands of Tau on or about October 08, 2011 after a two-month hospitalisation period at Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in Gaborone, hailed from Dutlwe village in Kweneng West. He reportedly had two children with the accused.

Meanwhile, a PMH pathologist, Dr Enock Prabhakar who has already testified, said he conducted the postmortem on the deceased on October 12, 2011 and came to the conclusion that Phuthego died from crania cerebral injuries with pulmonary embolism meaning he died from injuries sustained in the skull and a blood clot in pulmonary vein.

He said although there is medication which is used to treat pulmonary embolism, it cannot be administered when the case is terminal.

Dr Prabhakar further said looking at the medical treatment record of the deceased he is of the opinion that the doctors who were treating Phuthego were not negligent .

The medic, who comes from India and has been practicing in Botswana since July 1997, said the injuries on the back of Phuthego’s head were due to a heavy beating from a blunt object.

He however, noted that there were no blood clots found in the brain of the deceased.

Tau is alleged to have hit Phuthego three times with two stones on his head and knocked him down facewards. She was subsequently detained at Mabutsane Police Station for three days before coming for confession at the District Commissioner’s offices in Kanye.

The 28-year-old Tau has since pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder and has been on bail. The case continues on May 29, 2015.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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