Digawana Community Helps Needy

| May 13, 2015

Digawana community spearheaded by the village health committee has embarked on a number of initiatives to raise funds to build a P90 000 house for a needy resident who is living with disability.

Speaking at choir competitions fundraising event recently, chairperson of the village’s fundraising committee and a primary health nurse, Mr Dimakatso Mangombe said it is imperative to heed government’s housing appeal to up-lift the standard and quality of life of Batswana.

He said such a good initiative should be embraced by the nation for the betterment of Botswana, emphasising it takes good management and leadership skills to vitalise the idea.

He noted that Botswana was blessed with wisdom and therefore people should utilise ingenuity to help the less fortunate.

Mr Mangombe said the move to build the house was prompted by the fact that the envisaged beneficiary was living in a not so habitable shelter.

He said the shelter was both a health hazard and an eye sore and therefore they saw it fit to build a structure for her that will bring her dignity.

He expressed gratitude to the community to have responded well to the project.

Builders in the village have pledged to offer free labour towards erecting the project.

A certain individual also pledged P1 000 towards the project. Some individuals were also responding in pledging P400 each towards the project.

The house is currently at the window level and Mr Mangombe is optimistic that the proceeds they pocketed from fund-raising events will assist in elevating the project.

On April 28, they hosted a charity show which comprised artistes of Digawana at Bokamoso Motel from which they made P7 500 and on the following days conducted beauty pageants as well as choir competitions in which they pocketed P5 000.

He implored the business community to lend a helping hand towards the project.

Mr Mangombe said that they were working on stimulating team work among the community.

Choir competitions were held at Digawana Primary School where Borakalalo choir emerged victorious and went away with a floating trophy.

Among the choir members were Zebras right wing and right back, Tshepo ‘Talk-Talk’ Motlhabankwe.

The choir performed a medley from The Sound of Music to the delight of the Zebras star. Garogwe choir got position two.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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