Dintsha Kae to Transform Aertising

| June 4, 2015

The youth have been called upon to empower themselves by taking aantage of initiatives that government has made available to Batswana.

An aertising and promotions agency owned by young people will, on June 26, in Lobatse take Botswana aertising sphere to a new level by launching an online events directory (www.dintshakae.com).

Speaking in an interview, Mr Mothusi Mosarwa, founder of Mason-M Aertising amp Promotions said the online events directory called Dintsha Kae had been running for the past three months.

“Dintsha Kae is the brainchild of our company and it is an independent project managed, run, fully marketed, aertised and promoted by Mason-M Aertising amp Promotions,” he said. Dintsha Kae is a Setswana phrase which means ‘where it is happening.’

Mr Mosarwa said the project is basically Botswana’s first online events and places of interest magazine with the primary mandate of informing readers and followers both nationally and internationally about the events and activities taking place in the country.

He further said the content and aertising space on the online events aertiser will cater for various events and places of interest like massage parlors, restaurants, hotels, lodges, guest houses, fashion and clothing, entertainment, tourism and travel, fitness, health and safety, arts and culture , among others.

Speaking on their target audience, Mr Mosarwa emphasised that the website is reader friendly for everyone but their main target group is 18-50 years.

“Our research has shown that the 18-50 age groups is the most dominant group of web users, readers and event attenders,” he said, adding that they are the majority of the work group in Botswana since they possess the buying power. On how often they update their website, he explained that they post aerts as and when they receive them and the publication process usually takes an hour.

“Our website attracts daily traffic of over 800 followers. This combined with over 3 000 subscribers and social media alike intensifies the potential for growth and guarantees more traffic as the website is updated on a daily basis,” he added.

Furthermore, he explained that they have subscribed with various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, saying the subscriptions enable the Internet users to identify Dintsha Kae easily.

Asked how many people he has employed, he said he is looking at a staff compliment of 10 by the end of the year as they will need more sales and marketing people, feature writers, graphic designers and researchers.

Mr Mosarwa said the fact that they are the only event and place of interest online aertiser in Botswana, there is a gap in the market which the conventional aertisers like newspapers, print magazines, radio and television cannot fill.

“For starters, our clients can easily amend an already published aert,” he said, adding that their pricing for aerts start from as little as P30. He further explained that their aerts’ placement time is shorter as aerts only take an hour to be placed and can be viewed locally and internationally.

“Another important aspect is that our aerts run for 30 days at the same rate as compared to the weekly pricing of most of our competitors,” said Mr Mosarwa.

He said going forward, they are looking at giving back to the community by providing free consultancy and aertising services to chosen disability services within Botswana for free.

“This will be aimed at empowering these organisations and strengthening their business and marketing capabilities,” he said.


Source : Botswana Daily News

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