Disability Cash Transfers Commence

| June 9, 2015

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has announced commencement of disability cash transfers to Batswana who require extensive special care.

A news release from the ministry stated that the aim of the monthly payments was to enhance the wellbeing of people living with disabilities and restore their dignity.

The money would also cushion families, especially care givers of people with severe disabilities, from the effects of poverty and enhance their social and economic inclusiveness.

Botswana citizens, who have a severe and profound disability that required extensive care needs, such as dependence on others for care and support, mobility needs, community integration and recreation, amongst other needs, qualify for this facility.

The release further stated that there would be a pre-requisite medical assessment to confirm the severity of the disability and the applicant’s socio-economic status for confirmation that the intended beneficiary falls below the monthly income threshold of P300. Eligible persons will be provided with a cash transfer of P300 and a food basket.

In addition to receiving the monthly P300 cash transfer for people with disabilities, a child with severe and profound disability aged between zero (0) and eighteen (18) years will also be assisted with a food basket and other needs as per the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme.

Source : MLGD

Source : Botswana Daily News

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