Dog Breeding Big Business

| April 9, 2015

Running a dog breeding business is not a child’s play.

According to a dog breeder, Mr Bathusi Kgautlhe, starting this type of business required a significant investment of time, effort and a lot of money, among other things.

Mr Kgautlhe, who rears English, Australian and Boer Grey Hound dogs, said in an interview that, however, the business could be rewarding if one had patience to develop their canine business one step at time, just like running a day care centre for children.

Born and raised in Kanye Mr Kgautlhe declares himself a good friend of dogs, particularly the Grey Hound, well known in Setswana as ntsa ya phefo.

He has close to 20 female dogs of different species, he says, adding that he started his dog business in 1998 after inheriting it from his father who had been also been in love with dogs.

“I sell puppies for P2 000 each while a male greyhound dog goes for P4 500,” he says, pointing out that a dog can mother up to 13 puppies at a go.

He adds that most of his customers are come from Namibia, and farmers from around Kanye, while some employees from Jwaneng, Lobatse and Mochudi are also his customers.

Mr Kgautlhe indicates that he can exchange dogs for cows and goats easily, and that he is happy with his business because the dogs aertise themselves. He says a dog business can be managed within the home of the business owner or a leased facility.

The shelter should be furnished with dog kennels to separate the dogs at necessary times and play areas for dogs to run and jump. He adds that most play areas for dogs are usually housed outside within a gated area to prevent them from leaving the premises.

The indoor area of the dog facility should be large enough to provide enough space for a large amount of active dogs.

Therefore, a home-based doggy day care should have a specific area of the home tailored to the needs and abilities of different types of dogs.

Youthful Kgautlhe mentions that dog owners should maintain a variety of dog foods for the different types and breeds of dogs that will enter the facility, including puppy food and adult dog food.

The dog owners can provide information about the types of food and feeding schedules for their dogs. Dog food supplies, including the food and containers are inexpensive in most stores.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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