Education Ministry Launches Strategy Plan

| June 3, 2015

Ministry of Education and Skills Development has launched a five-year strategic plan dubbed Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan (ETSSP 2015-2020).

Addressing members of the press, education minister, Dr Unity Dow, said ETSSP intended to transform Botswana from overdependence on resources to a knowledge-based society able to sustain its development and provide high standards of living for all.

She said to succeed in the global marketplace, Botswana would need to continue to make substantial investments in education and training as well as through acquiring entrepreneurial, managerial and technological capabilities.

Dr Dow further noted that the development of the five year strategic plan would have far-reaching effects on the future of education in Botswana as it sets out many of the challenges facing the sector and the varied strategies, programmes and activities to resolve the challenges.

The ETSSP is an extensive undertaking that addresses a number of pillars such as improving access, quality, inclusion and equity, accountability and governance in the education system.

The Minister said the plan identified areas of strategic priority in order to focus resources in an efficient and effective manner on those areas that would contribute most in enhancing the quality of learning at different levels in the education system.

“The ETSSP identifies eleven key strategic priorities and supported by eleven programmes that together provide a comprehensive, integrated strategy for the sector, emphasising the alignment within all education interventions and skills and labour force needs,” she said.

The minister added that implementing the ETSSP would require transformation of the current management system of the education sector.

Dr Dow assured the press that the MoESD continues to balance the pressure to improve performance in nearly all areas with management of its programmes and resources.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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