Energy Department Takes Services to People

| May 6, 2015

The department of energy has been in a countrywide campaign to brief Batswana about their services as well as sensitise them on energy efficiency and conservation.

The department’s director, Mr Kenneth Kerekang, told Hebron community recently that the campaign aimed at reaching out to Batswana to brief them on how they could conserve and use energy, especially electricity, efficiently.

Mr Kerekang said the campaign was relevant because since it is winter electricity usage is at its peak, adding that the department was still undergoing challenges with the Morupule B plant. He informed residents about a new programme called 10 AMPS, which was introduced in April in towns to regulate electricity usage.

With this system, he said, Botswana Power Corporation would limit the amount of electricity used in homes and small businesses from the current 60 watts to 10 watts between the hours of 6 and 10 in the morning and evening.

He noted that when usage goes beyond 10 watts, power would be cut off automatically for an hour in that particular household or business.

However, he said if the usage continues to be above 10 watts after the power returns, it would be cut off again until that particular household reduces the number of devices using power. Mr Kerekang further aised residents not to use many electronic devices at the same time to avoid being affected by the program.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, Kgosi Phetlhu Phetlhu of Hebron thanked the Department of Energy for visiting them, expressing hope that the community would heed the message delivered.

For his part, a representative from the department, Mr Mosimanegape Mhaladi said energy conservation was very important as it helps in saving costs and prevents pollution and global warming.

As such, he aised the residents of Hebron to use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) type of light bulbs which could save about 80 per cent of energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

In the use of electric stoves or hot plates, Mr Mhaladi aised residents to use proper pot sizes for appropriate plate sizes to conserve energy, adding that if a small pot is used on a bigger plate, a lot of energy would be wasted.

He also aised them to consider the element size and the regulator when buying geysers, adding that they should set their geysers to reasonable temperatures instead of setting higher ones which consume more energy.

Mr Mhaladi also aised residents on conservation of other energy sources such as petrol, adding that petrol can be conserved in a car by carrying the load that is not too heavy to defeat the movement and speed of the car, thereby causing high consumption.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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