Face to Face With Tshepo Maphanyane [interview]

| April 16, 2015

A lot of people still identify her as the face of MultiChoice Botswana even though she has for has left the corporation to pursue other goals in life.

Tshepo ‘Happy’ Maphanyane is one driven lady from public relations honcho for one of the most recognisable brands in Africa, to starring in a reality television show, so I decided to have an interview with the lady that has inspired many and continues to inspire others to get to know her and hear what she has been up to and her future plans.

Well, the whole interview was inspired by me seeing her in a reality show and I got to wonder how she managed to pull that off. Here is what she had to say for herself, and she is indeed one bubbly figure one would not mind spending the day with.

Omphile: Please introduce yourself. Who is Tshepo, when and where was she born and bred.

Tshepo: I was born on new year’s day in the city of Francistown at the then Jubilee Hospital.

My middle name was inspired by this and I am often reminded of Christmas and New Year singing along to RB1 churning merry songs. I am the first born to Modise and Victoria Maphanyane with two younger siblings Samantha and the artist Linxstar aka TGB (The Golden Boy).

I also have an amazing brother in law Daniel Matlhagela and the newest member of the family, my niece Maya Rotlhe Matlhagela. She has brought us so much joy and I cannot believe the love I have for her.

I miss her all the time and thoughts of her light up my world. I can finally say I have a clue of the love shared by parents for their children. It is a wonderful, overwhelming feeling.

People for a while identified you as the face of MultiChoice Botswana, please tell us what you have been up to these days and when did you leave MultiChoice Botswana and why.

Tshepo: My tenure at MultiChoice was truly incredible and I treasure the lessons learnt, experience gained and the lifelong connections made whilst still there.

I do however like many others believe in growth, both professionally and personally. I have many feats I celebrated whilst at MultiChoice but the idea of going back to school has always been in the cards and for years I allowed everything else to take precedence.

At some point I could not ignore the inevitable and started getting myself ready mentally to take the plunge. I knew that to get different results I needed to change the game plan so instead of once more enrolling for distance part time studies

I decided to do what some have said to me is incredibly brave and others have a hard time getting it, I made the very personal decision to take up fulltime studies.

I am a fulltime Broadcasting and Journalism student at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. It is a true fit for me. Even though it is a completely different ball game from my working days, it is a great discovery and each day I learn so much about myself and field of study.

The transition has been made easier by the supportive staff and student body. I also have a great network of friends and family who remind me often to stay on course.

I must be honest and say it was not so much a difficult decision as I had wanted to further develop myself for so long but of course the unknown can be daunting.

I am not 18 and have responsibilities I needed to figure out how I would address them. It is a welcomed discovery every day.

Omphile: I understand that you are part of a 6 cast of women on a show called The Fattening Room. Please tell us about the show and how you came to be on it.

Tshepo: Oh my, that was an unplanned but boy was it fun. I have worked with so many different professionals on a number of projects so when I received a call seeking profiles for a television show in the pipeline it was no surprise.

I compiled and submitted a comprehensive list for the production house and went on with my life. The following weeksmonths I received a request to include my profile. This did not raise any eyebrows as I figured it was for the production’s data base as often done.

Needless to say I was not only considered but seems my profile had long been submitted by a producer I had had the pleasure of meeting a few years earlier and they had recommended me but warned the producers of Fattening Room that I may decline if asked outright.

So they devised a plan to get my attention and the rest as they say is history.

I had the opportunity of joining five ladies from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia to take part in a reality show dubbed the Fattening Room.

The Fattening room (finish school) is a long standing culture of the Efik tribe in Nigeria based in the where it is considered proper to undergo this privilege.

The six women from completely different backgrounds entered a new foreign world and experienced a unique way of life far from their normal. Young women went to the fattening Room to learn life lessons on a variety of subjects

How long has the show been airing and how long will it go on for.

Tshepo: Initially when the show aired we did not have the channel it was airing on but it later beamed for a Southern African audience on Ebony life TV on DStv channel 165 (Check out the Fattening Room Facebook page) they have great pics and information.

How was it working on the Fattening Room and what have you learnt.

Tshepo: My extended trip to Nigeria was fabulous. We were treated really well and as a Motswana would say: ke rata jam, I so loved every minute of it. I made friends, learnt the ways of fellow Africans and discovered how warm Nigerians are.

They are hard working, entrepreneurial and proud of their culture. It made me reflect on how I am and our unique ways as Batswana.

I got to share a lot about myself and my country. It was an incredible experience all round.

Omphile: How has it been working with those other five women?

Tshepo: It was fantastic. We had fun we supported each other and shared our frustrations. We formed g bonds and we continue to keep in touch.

Actually Limpo from Zambia (who I shared a hut with in the village has become a good friend).

She has come to visit and wants to strangle me for making promises to do the same but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Omphile: What are your future plans?

Tshepo: Geez this is heavy.

I need to graduate and seek further opportunity still in the field of learning (once you on it might as well milk it for what it’s worth) I try to do and be the best I can be in whatever I do. It is important to me to enjoy myself always whilst discovering gems along the way. I have so much I wish for but realise I am living my dream now.

How has the support been like locally?

Tshepo: Outside the wonderful support of family and friends, I have received support in varying ways from different quarters and individuals.

I remain humbled by the feedback I receive whether acknowledging my previous work or my new journey that also extends to hosting a Sunday radio show on Gabz fm and compiling and writing a column titled Voice Woman for the Voice Newspaper. I have found a home and having so much fun learning and cementing relations as I go along.

Omphile: Thank you very much for taking time out to talk to me and good luck with your future endeavours.

Tshepo: It has been my pleasure and thank you.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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