Flea Market, Art Exhibition for Savannah Lodge

| May 18, 2015

Kanye will, on May 30 to June 6, host an open flea market and art exhibition at Savannah Lodge.

In an interview, project coordinator Pearl Baitemi said the ‘school edition’ will feature art works from middle and upper education schools, a flea market and braai winter warmer nights during weekends with Tswana cuisine.

The event, according to Baitemi, shall be mindful of the community that supports the event and shall strive to leave a lasting legacy for the community of Kanye.

She said the idea behind the flea market is to draw attention from the community as it offers a variety of fine artists, ceramics, beads, textile arts, crafts and performing arts and market entrepreneurs’ products.

She said showcasing a wide variety of local products that are offered for sale such as antiques, themed food items, themed clothing, tools and art by small and micro entrepreneurs help people appreciates the beauty of arts.

She believes the event will help entrepreneurs appeal to a large target audience and therefore encouraged people in the southern district to attend to support local businesspersons.

She implored poverty eradication beneficiaries, Gender Affairs, Youth Development Fund beneficiaries and other small entrepreneurs to participate citing such a development is crucial for their growth.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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