For the Love of Deejaying [opinion]

| May 18, 2015

Helping people during the day as a front office manager at Echo Lodge and making people dance to his set songs later in the night has never been problematic for Oarabile Kethaetswe, popularly known as Dj Hank.

The love for disk jockey for Kethaetswe started at Moeding College in 2005. The inspiration came from his cousin Nelfreid Kethaetswe who now stays in Kang.

“We used to dodge school to prepare for somebody’s birthday party and that time we only knew D players were the best in mixing,” he added.

Deejaying became his passion even after school. He even took a break from pursuing a Degree in Tourism Management at Limkokwing University. At the time he was staying in Mogoditshane when he thought he could become a household name. “In 2013, my friend Dj Max (Maakanyo Pasi) got inspired too and bought the latest trend of compact disk players and modernized deejaying players which I learned perfectly.”

Now as a resident Disk Jockey at Kings and Queens Bar in Kang, Dj Hank is popular for tunes that force feet to move and stomp the floor.

“My fans get too upset whenever I do not show up on Fridays and Saturday for set throwing,” he added. He now runs his friend ‘sound system as co-partner which rakes about P3 000 monthly.

Through the help of Dj Max, Mr Kethaetswe also made it to play in President Day Competition in 2014 which was tough and made it to position five out of eight talented DJs.

“Last year I played in a couple of events such as Ghanzi Winter Show with Dj Chrispin and Dj Easy B and I then got an invite to Jwaneng Galaxy Supporters Club Launch with Dj Sly, The jazz Bar in Otse with T-Izzy.”

Dj Hank said that he is now working on his Youth Fund proposal to buy his own sound system and appreciate the love and support of his fans as he is going to participate again in President Day Competitions this year.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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