Francistown College Changes Mandate

| April 2, 2015

The decision to change mandate and functions of the Francistown College of Education (FCE) was informed by, among other things, feedback from the Tertiary Education Council nationwide stakeholders consultation in 2005 and the Teacher Supply and Demand Study of 2007.

Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Kgotla Autlwetse, told Parliament that the TEC, established in 2002 resulting from enactment of the TEC Act of 1999, kick started stakeholder consultations with the release of the policy consultation document entitled “Tertiary Education Policy in Botswana: Challenges and Choices 2005”.

He said the document became the principal device for nationwide consultations resulting in fragmentation, economy of scale and quality and relevance.

Mr Autlwetse said his ministry commissioned a study in 2006 on teacher Supply and Demand for Botswana Primary and Secondary schools: 2006-2016 resulting in absorption, employment, unit costs, over supply of teachers and mismatch as some key findings.

The assistant minister said some of the key recommendations from the study was that there should be major tertiary education reform in Botswana to meet the demands of an increasingly market driven knowledge based economy with demands for highly educated personnel.

“There should be transformation and rationalisation of tertiary education at both programme and institutional level.Francistown College of Education to transform into Centre of Excellence for In-service and Open Distance Learning University (BOCODOL) Northern campus, Diploma intakes at the colleges of primary education should be terminated in 2008 and offered at the faculty of education-UB degree level and the planned construction of the Francistown College of Basic Education should not go ahead,” he added.

Mr Autlwetse told the House that the response clearly demonstrated the level of consultation the ministry of Education and Skills Development stakeholder undertook.

He said in each of the consultations, the recommendations were largely informed by the feedback from the stakeholder community.

The assistant minister noted that the targeted stakeholder consultations including the Francistown community started in December 2012, immediately following the decision to effect the recommendations of both the Teacher Supply and Demand Study 2007 and the Tertiary Education Policy 2008.

He said the ministry embarked on consultations through oral and written communication addressing Full Council Meetings and FCE employees by ministry senior officials.

He said moreover the ministry has established task teams constituted by among others representatives from the College and the Regional Office.

He was responding to the Member of Parliament for Francistown East, Mr Buti Billy who had asked the minister whether there was any research that informed the decision to change the mandate and function of the FCE and what were the findings.

He also asked the minister if there was any consultation with the stakeholders including the Francistown Community.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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