Gaborone Calls for Establishment of Single Social Register

| May 6, 2015

The poverty eradication programme coordinator, Mr Olebile Gaborone, says his unit is trying to come up with a single social register to do away with instances of abuse of programmes by some beneficiaries.

Mr Gaborone said this during a meeting he had with poverty eradication programme implementers in Kanye recently. Some implementers had expressed concern that lack of sharing of database amongst them allowed for some people to benefit more than once.

“We are trying to come up with a single social register where one will be able to key-in to a computer to see who got what,” he assured them adding the register will curb instances of abuse.

It also came out during the meeting that most implementers did not begin by giving beneficiaries thorough awareness training, something that Mr Gaborone said should come prior to assessment.

Kanye Administration Authority principal home economics officer, Ms Beauty Isaac, attributed lack of awareness training on the pressure that came with the programme at its initial stage.

She said the pressure did not afford them time to properly make beneficiaries aware of the programmes they were to undertake prior to assessment.

However, Mr Gaborone said it was wrong to be concerned about the number of beneficiaries alone leaving behind the awareness aspect that had the bearing on the success or failure of the project thereof.

He was also not happy by the shoddy assessment where potential beneficiaries were denied government assistance because they stayed in a big house.

He said a house should not be a disqualifying factor and that assessment should go beyond a house. Implementers also decried lack of transportation as among the primary reasons they were not able to carry out periodic monitoring on projects.

Also it came out that lack of transport coupled with limited staff made it difficult for implementers to move about and assess potential beneficiaries.Southern District Commissioner, Mr Moses Gaealafswe called for implementers to change the mindset of beneficiaries through an intensified psycho-social support system

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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