Gaborone Pledges Support

| May 6, 2015

National poverty eradication coordinator, Mr Olebile Gaborone, has assured poverty eradication programme implementers of his unrivaled support in their day to day duties.

Mr Gaborone’s pledge followed complaints by various implementers during his meeting with them in Kanye on April 30. Some implementers reported that there were pockets of outside influence some of which overruled their professional judgements.

He, therefore, called on implementers to always follow laid-down guidelines and ensure that they checked all the facts so that at the end an informed position could be taken.

He said it was not proper for anybody to exert pressure on implementers or use certain offices as scare-crows to influence decisions of hired professionals.

On other issues, Mr Gaborone called on implementers of different poverty eradication initiatives to look at issues of market saturation in their awarding of projects lest the whole idea crumbles due to lack of market.

“I will encourage you to come up with ways that will ensure these projects continue to be viable,” he said. He also acceded to suggestion by poverty eradication coordinator, crop production, Mr Mosele Ramakapu who said there was need to look for land for the establishment of cluster gardens.

Such centres according to Mr Ramakapu, would act as graduation centres where several people could acquire skills and work from before they can be on their own.

District agricultural coordinator, Mr Gwilizani Maposa decried unavailability of poverty eradication structures at district level which he said overstretches the few implementation officers at his office.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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