Gender Based Violence Affects Child Growth

| April 17, 2015

Deputy district commissioner for Moshupa Sub-district says gender-based violence has far reaching effects on children who witnessed it.

Speaking during a gender committee meeting in Moshupa recently, Ms Berenice Berman-Mosime said gender violence had a negative impact on the intellectual development of the affected children and tended to get poor academic results as a result.

She also raised a concern that often children who grew up witnessing gender based violence usually turned to be violent adults.

She noted that because of their social background, women usually fell victim to gender based violence but sometimes never reported the incidents fearing they would lose material support from their abusers.

“It’s not easy to bite the hand that feeds you,” she explained. Ms Berman-Mosime aised perpetrators to seek for aice from Dikgosi, social workers or the police rather than taking the law into their hands when they had a misunderstanding.

She however, attributed some incidents of gender based violence to cohabitation, saying when the relationship turned sour, a live in partner usually left the other with nothing.

Ms Berman-Mosime encouraged Batswana to have an inventory of all their property so that in the event of death of the other partner, the remaining one could not lose everything to relatives.

She raised a concern that in most cases a deceased’s parents usually wanted to take over all their property at the expense of the spouse and children. She also urged married couples to internalise the pre-marital guidance and counseling messages offered to them to minimise conflicts.

She further challenged them to familiarise themselves with Marriage Person’s Act and Marriage Act to safeguard their property.Ms Berman-Mosime also reiterated that communication was very crucial in every relationship. She said communication afforded both parties a platform to share views.

For his part, gender programmes officer, Mr Moemedi Tsimanyane noted that most of the incidents of abortion were induced by GBV thus challenged police officers to thoroughly investigate the cases. She also said every clinic should have a social worker to urgently deal with GBV case.

Superintendent Oneetse Gagogosha of Moshupa police station said they no longer took for granted reported GBV cases where males were the victims.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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