Good Sportsmanship Crucial

| May 29, 2015

Sports persons in Kgalagadi South have been urged to take sports seriously and display good sportsmanship at all times to attract followers and potential sponsors.

Speaking during the Kgalagadi South Football Association (KGASOFA) annual regional assembly in Tsabong recently, KGASOFA chairperson, Tokyo Modise said sponsorship remained a tough challenge to the sporting fraternity in Kgalagadi South and hence called upon sports persons in the area to constantly portray desirable sportsmanship in order to attract potential sponsors and investors.

“Potential sponsors in our area have absolutely no interest to invest in sport. Also, there are few prospect companies here which can put money into sport activities it is therefore our responsibility as sports persons to attract sponsorship from potential sponsors around the country and even beyond our country’s boarders. I believe we can only do that if we conduct ourselves in an orderly manner,” he said.

Furthermore, Modise said team building is also a crucial element in both attracting potential sponsors and sport development.

“It is imperative to work well with each other for the success of our delegated responsibilities in our various structures, the regional committee, league committee, women football committee, referees committee and other structures which should be formed in our area as per Botswana Football Association requirements.

Our beloved clubs, which are the centre of football development, should work hard to sustain themselves.

Meetings must be held regularly to discuss our clubs’ matters, challenges and successes in order to improve their quality and performance to match both the national and international standards,” he explained.

He further said communication within clubs and committees is of great importance in ensuring quality sport out-put. He said just like in any other organisation, information sharing is also important in sports and in this case football.

He said there is a need for channels of communication to be respected and followed. Furthermore, he said modern technology has brought more mediums of communication that can assist in the dissemination of information quickly such as facebook, Twitter and many others.

He therefore urged sports clubs and committees to adopt such mediums of communication to develop football in Kgalagadi South. He also said that such mediums of communication can be used to improve administration matters, laws of the game as well as the technical and tactical skills of the game.

Modise urged football clubs to practice proper record keeping and to properly register their grounds with Tsabong Sub Landboard to avoid misunderstandings.

He also urged retired players to help existing and mushrooming clubs to grow by lending them a hand in their administration, coaching and officiating activities as they have good knowledge, skills and experience of the game, saying by so doing they will equip them with necessary skills they need to survive in the football fraternity.

He commended the regional vice chairperson, Ms Kedibonye Sentlabane for her efforts in ensuring that women football sees light of the day.

He also applauded all people involved in the development of football in Kgalagadi South for their unending efforts and contribution towards football development and improvement and urged them to carry on with their good spirit.

“The work of every person who contributes in football development can never go unnoticed therefore it is important for us to work together for this region to build a legacy. Yes, the development of football in our region is still faced with many challenges, football needs us to be committed and turn those challenges into opportunities,” he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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