Government Addresses Poor Service Delivery

| May 6, 2015

Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Philip Makgalemele, has called on public servants to adhere to the 10-Point Agenda if they were to achieve excellent service delivery.

Addressing public servants at Seronga and Shakawe in the Okavango Sub-district, Mr Makgalemele said the 10-Point Agenda was developed as government was concerned about poor service delivery and low service standards.

He said the 10-Point Agenda talked more about public rights as it emphasised the public’s right to quality service. Mr Makgalemele said the agenda appeared in the DailyNews hence urged public servants to familiarise themselves with it and go an extra mile in ensuring flexibility in other services.

The assistant minister aised public servants to dispense with lapses in the system and serve the public with respect and Botho. Mr Makgalemele said they should maintain professionalism and treat complaints as feedback at all times.

In addition, he said beginning of May, all public servants would have name tags so that customers could identify the person who served them. He also said government had also designed a form which clients would gauge or rate service offered by officers.

He emphasised the need for customers to know how long it would take to be assisted, citing delivery of poverty eradication materials as an example. Mr Makgalemele revealed that every two months, each ministry had to analyse the forms and give Cabinet feedback.

On other issues, he informed the employees that government was doing all in its power to improve their working conditions. He appreciated the fact that they worked in difficult conditions but able to deliver quality service to the public.

Mr Makgalemele observed that issues of shortage of accommodation and resources were being looked into. He underscored the importance of strengthening information flow, noting that most public servants were denied benefits because they lacked knowledge. For their part, public servants complained about shortage of transport which they said hindered their efforts to do their job effectively. They also raised concern about delay in transfers, given they had been in the same area for over ten years now.

Mr Tshimologo Zangere, who is the school head from Shakawe Junior Secondary School, complained about tenders which he said were the prerogative of the office of district commissioner. He said at times they were accused of failing to support and empower local suppliers and yet they had no control in tender awarding.

The area MP, Mr Bagalatia Arone, told the assistant minister that public servants were unhappy because of the terrain and unfavourable environment they work in.

Notwithstanding, he said they were doing their best to deliver with the little resources at their disposal. Mr Aron also expressed the need to resolve the issues of overtime for teachers, noting that he once suggested professional allowance as a solution.

The MP also urged government to revisit the issue of pension, suggesting that employees should be given a certain percentage because their life expectancy was short. He said with such, they could build themselves better houses besides enjoying their benefits while still fit.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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